Friday, April 8, 2011

I couldn’t be more wronger

That little ditty from an old Veggie Tales video is going through my head.  It’s good to be wrong sometimes; embarrassing, but good. 

After wondering for several days why the little ones weren’t getting chickenpox, I called and talked with the pediatrician’s office.  Lo and behold, despite my utter conviction that I had shunned the chickenpox vaccine, turns out I hadn’t.  So, that is why Kate had such a light case, and the others didn’t have anything.  Only Alix had the CP fever this past weekend, followed by a mild outbreak of spots.  The twins even had been given the second one – a booster shot.  Should I have called sooner?  Probably, but I was so sure my memory was faultless.  Ha! 

Well, needless to say, I was pretty relieved.  So we went back to ballet last night, after missing almost 3 complete weeks.  The girls were sooo happy to go – and the ballet teacher said she was glad to see us. 

Now we can go to Mom and Dad’s tomorrow for the Birthdays-of-the-Month celebration!  We can all go to church again this Lord’s Day, the kids won’t miss their “play” at church, and we can interact with “outsiders” again!

Thank you, Lord, for doctors who keep records!  (so Moms don’t have to remember everything…)

It has been nice, though, to have more time together, especially in the evenings during the week.  We’ve played games, had a couple of special treats, and Glenn started a new read aloud.  God’s blessings are poured out on us daily – even (and sometimes especially) through things that might at first seem a nuisance. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Noah’s Birthday

Noah turned 10 on March 30.  He was so excited.  After hurrying through our school, we took off for a late lunch at Arni’s.  It warmed my heart to spend time with just him, talking over our lunch about various things.  If I could only use one word to describe him, I would say “enthusiastic”.  He’s one peppy boy.  Not a shy bone in his body and no one is a stranger, which I wouldn’t mind being tempered just a wee bit.

After lunch, we went to a used book store that had all of its books on clearance for 1/2 off.  He picked out a couple of Brian Jacques books (Redwall) that he’s read before, but the other ones we’d had were read so many times that I’d had to throw the books away because they were falling apart.  He started reading as soon as we got in the van.

I’m very thankful for Noah.  He’s a big ray of sunshine in our family.  Loves his brother fiercely, and is thoughtful and playful with the girls.  He’s our 4th – the middle child.  Not a day goes by that he doesn’t tell me at least 5 times, maybe 10, that he loves me more than I love him.  Smile 

Couldn’t be…