Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Sometimes it feels like I'm sowing, and sowing, and then sowing some more.  And the reaping is so far on the horizon, there's just a cheeky little glimpse of it.

Then yesterday, Kate played one of her piano lesson songs.  And at the end of it, when she looked at me to see how she'd done, I could only give her a huge smile and a thumbs up.  I felt too choked up to tell her how beautiful it was.  How I was thinking of the hours we have spent together doing lessons these last few years, and of her diligence to practice on her own.

And I see God producing fruit from our efforts, many of them - in surprising ways.

 And I am so thankful.

Thankful for these children He's given me, and thankful for the work He does in them.  And in me,  through this really hard job of being a mom, and everything that is heaped into it.

Later, when I could say the words easier, I told her what I had been thinking.  And we had a really squeedgy hug.

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  1. Those moments are pure gifts from God! I've had a few, although today was NOT one of them. MATH! Need I say more?