Tuesday, November 2, 2010

God is good

Sophia continues to look a little better each day.  She is eating a little more, and only needing Ibuprofin about 2-3 times a day.

Yesterday she sat down at the piano and started playing.  I sat next to her, and after a few minutes, we did her piano lesson.  She seemed glad to be doing something from our “normal” routine.  She loves to play the piano.  At the hospital, she told a nurse it was her favorite subject in school. 

She has been drawing pretty ladies and pretending to be a horse – a lame horse – for much of the past few days. 

I gave her a shower on Sunday and washed her hair.  Neither of which she was very happy about.  Afterwards, as I was getting some lotion for her, she raised her right arm and looked in the mirror.  The incision site is pretty yucky looking, so when she saw it, she started crying.  I reminded her that she has had similar looking wounds at the same place two times before, and God healed them quickly.  He will heal her again.  He has not stopped taking care of her. 

As far as her breathing goes, we can tell that she sounds quieter overall.  She doesn’t take as big a breath before she says something, and she is quieter when sleeping than she was before the surgery.  We’re hopeful that as she continues to gain strength, and her activity increases, she will notice a big difference in her ability to breathe easier. 

Thank you for continuing to pray for her!  We are very grateful for all of you.

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