Thursday, July 28, 2011

when I was 2…

Olivia likes to refer to things in the distant past as happening, “when I was 2.”  She used to do lots of things she can clearly remember now… “when I was 2.”

A few weeks ago, we were at Clint and Marianne’s for the first extended Orr Family reunion we’ve had since I’ve been an Orr.  I think someone said it was the first in 30 years.  Anyway, one of the fun things we did was take a walk in the family cemetery.  Several of us scattered around the cemetery, reading dates and names of Orrs who had lived and died; some of them I knew, most I didn’t.   Olivia skipped around the headstones, the hot sun on her blonde head, stopping every now and again to stare at the stones with their etching, and ask me a question.  As we stood in front of one that reported the death date as 1843, or something close to that, she said, “That was the one I knew when I was 2.”  She said it very firmly – as though she knew without a doubt it was the truth.  It made me laugh.

I’ve been reading Charlotte’s Web to her and the twins.  We’re at the part where the old sheep just told Wilbur that the farmer is fattening him up for Christmas Dinner – and Wilbur is horrified, of course, and runs around squealing and crying.  So yesterday, Sophia asked me why people want to eat pigs for Christmas.  Why not some other kind of animal?  Why not the goose?  I told the girls that some people do in fact eat goose for Christmas Dinner (remembering a funny story about a friend’s stolen Christmas goose).  Olivia piped up and said, “I did.  I had goose when I was 2.”

She definitely did a lot of things when she was 2.

Most of them she still remembers.



Her 2nd birthday.  Very.. girl in the world but not of the world…

other things she did when she was 2..













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