Monday, December 12, 2011

Of the Father’s Love Begotten..

We’ve been busy here with birthdays and Christmas excitement, Advent gifts and sewing projects, Christmas Teas and weddings.  Yes!  All that in just the last month!

But one of my favorite things we’ve done lately is to sing Christmas carols to a sweet friend.  She lives alone now since her husband died a few years ago – although one of her daughters is close by – as are many of us in her church family.  After a recent surgery for cataracts and a rotator cuff issue, she accidentally stepped on her cat, fell – and broke her hip!  She is home now and recovering, but she has had weeks of pain and perseverance. 

So a group of us – 18 kids and 8 adults trooped on over to her house after church and sang Christmas carols to her in her living room, while she alternated between huge smiles of joy and tears of happiness.  A simple thing for us – singing songs we love about the Savior we love.  But for her – His love in action.  God reminding her through us, that He has not forgotten her, nor forsaken her.  He loves her – and so do we!

After we left her home, and piled noisily into the van, I thanked the kids.  I asked them if they could see how much their gift meant to Mrs. G.  Of course they could tell – she had been absolutely delighted!  And I reminded them how important it is not to forget people when they are sick, or hurt, or old…  That although what seems a simple thing – singing Christmas carols- seems small to us, it is evidence of love – the Father’s love! – to someone else.  Often, we need to be reminded of our Father’s love for us, and then show our gratitude by sharing His love with others – maybe just when they need to be reminded, too!

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  1. It was such a cool night! It was good for all of us as much as Gigi! I'm so glad you thought to do it and invited us to go along. Last night, all we could do on the way home was listen to Kate, but I'm going to read this to the girls this morning at breakfast.