Monday, August 30, 2010

August 4

Good Afternoon Sweet Family and Friends!

Just wanted you to know that things are set for Thursday and Friday.  Since the Radiology Department doesn't require a scheduled time for the chest x-ray, and they're open till 11:00 pm for registration, we decided to leave after dinner tomorrow evening.  Glenn and Sophia and I will go straight to the hospital and get the x-ray, then go to Ronda's brother's house to stay the night.

Friday morning, Sophia will have a flexible bronchoscopy with Dr. Wood, an associate of Dr. Cotton, as well as a laryngoscopy/bronchoscopy with Dr. Cotton.  Presumably, after they've looked inside themselves, they will be able to discuss with us their recommendations.  We'll let you know, of course.

Thank you, again, for your prayers.  Truly, the Spirit has brought us great comfort and peace this last week or so.  We know that your prayers on behalf of our family have been heard, and answered.  

Kelly for the Orr's

last fall 

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