Monday, August 30, 2010

July 30

Hello all,

Yesterday, I was able to talk directly with one of Dr. Cotton's nurses and with Dr. Young's nurse practitioner assistant.  The Lord blessed both the words that He gave me to say to them, and He moved their hearts in such a way that at the close of each conversation,  each nurse told me that she was going to impress upon the doctors that she feels Sophia needs to be seen ASAP. 

Dr. Cotton's nurse asked me many medical intake type questions about Sophia and then asked me to tell her what is happening now.  She said they have all the medical records and Glenn was able to fax our insurance info, too. Yesterday, our pulmonologist's office was able to email scanned copies of Monday's bronchoscopy.  I talked to them, too and they told me that they had been unable to send the bronch report from Monday because "it hadn't come up right away, for some reason.."  Good thing I called.  Dr. Cotton's nurse told me that Dr. Cotton - or Dr. Rutter (if we wouldn't mind) - would very likely do another bronchoscopy themselves right away, as well as other assessments which would mostly be outpatient.  She said only one of the initial tests may require an overnight stay.  We will talk to their anesthesiologist as well when we go, due to the risk of having Sophia under general anesthesia.  She said Dr. Cotton would probably want a team of specialists to help Sophia since her issues are complicated.  As we were getting off the phone, she assured me that she was going right then to "find Dr. Cotton" - that she would call me today (Friday) with more information about when Sophia can be seen.  She said she was going to tell him that she feels he should "expedite" their efforts to see Sophia.  I talked about the tonsillectomy and our concerns with doing that when they are not presenting as serious a problem as the twisted slit - and she agreed and said that Dr. Cotton would most likely want to take care of the twisting first.

Dr. Young's assistant, who is a nurse practitioner, said that she and Dr. Young had already had a brief discussion about Sophia per info from the short messages I had left the last 2 days.  Dr. Young was thinking, even prior to my conversation with the NP, that Sophia may need a team of interrelated specialists.  I told the NP about our contact with Dr. Cotton's office and that they have her records and intake information.  She asked me the name of the nurse from Dr. Cotton's office that I had spoken with  - and she knew her, and said she would contact her.  Dr. Young is out this week, but the assistant has daily contact with her by phone.  At the close of our phone call, the NP said she felt sure Sophia should also see one of their airway specialists, who she said were "fabulous".  She also said she would call me today with news from Dr. Young.

Sophia is going along as usual, but the sucking in at her throat almost takes my breath away because it is so noticeable.  I asked her not to run today- until she feels better and it's not so hard for her to breathe.  She has largely scaled back her activity, these past few weeks especially, but occasionally tries to run and play in the house with Isabella and Olivia.  She told me, "But I want to run, Mommy"  and I asked if she could just wait until it's easier.  I have begun checking her stomach for signs of retraction when I see her breathing rapidly, so far she's been ok, as far as I can tell.  Her oxygen sats continue to be in the normal range, even when lying down at night.  

The kids and I are continuing to do school and try to follow our normal routine.  Glenn and I are so thankful for your prayers - please continue!  God is already at work answering them.  Please contact us if you have any questions.


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