Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Luke’s pox..


Glenn took a few pictures for posterity…


IMG_9365  front       IMG_9366  back

and let me just say that this was the end of the first day!  Today, there are even more!

Luke has been a sport about it – he told us that it is kind of neat to experience something notoriously common to childhood, since he hasn’t had any broken bones, or major illnesses up till now. 


Olivia has been especially sympathetic toward Luke.  A couple of times, after looking at him for a few seconds, she has walked over to him, held his face in her chubby little hands, and given him a kiss on the cheek (undeterred by the red bumps), sighing sweetly for his suffering.

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  1. Poor Luke! And sweet Olivia!! When I had them in high school, there is NO WAY I would have allowed pictures. I wouldn't even let my best friend come over and see me. We hadn't lived there very long, but even a life long friend would have been barred, I think. :)