Tuesday, March 22, 2011

time flies!

I’ve looked here a couple of times, but couldn’t think of anything to post.  Or I didn’t have enough time to put something.   But today is different!  Something newsworthy!  Something to remember fondly (hopefully) when we look back over our blog sometime in the future.

Luke has the chicken pox.  He’s been uncomplaining so far. But the spots are multiplying at breakneck speed. 

Hopefully, it will just run through the rest of its victims the same way.  Since I haven’t immunized them all (I know I did somebody – at least one person!), I am quietly confident that we have only just begun. 

Pray that we will get through the worst of it before Resurrection Lord’s Day!


A nice “before” shot, taken a few weeks ago.

I’m not sure he’d let me take one right now – his face is completely covered!

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