Monday, June 27, 2011

Ballet camp

The older 4 girls had a great time last week at ballet camp.  They decorated tambourines and gold gypsy scarves, colored Celtic crosses and ballerinas, learned a little tap and jazz, and had a grand time with their friends. 

I think, though, that the Irish dancing was their favorite.  Their ballet teacher, Ms. Hume, had a young man from Indianapolis’ Irish Dance group come every day to teach the girls Irish dance.  He was an excellent instructor, very encouraging to the girls, and fun to watch when he demonstrated his competition steps.

Here are a few pictures!

IMG_0178  here is the twins’ class learning an Irish jig

IMG_0190Colin and the girls

IMG_0213Kate practicing a jump

IMG_0200 I took a close up shot of Colin’s shoes – they have fiberglass blocks on the soles and heels to make the clopping noise when he dances.

IMG_0219  Alix and Kate were in the same class.

IMG_0220  A lot of girls in that class – I think around 20!


IMG_0281  IMG_0280IMG_0170


Thought I should add that Colin is 2nd in the World in Irish Dance.  He told me the guy who is 1st is a friend of his – and Irish!  So, just a plug for Colin- he’s terrific, and a really stunning dancer!

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