Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Olivia Clare

Miss Olivia turned 5 this past Lord’s Day.  Our baby!

We had a wonderful time at Mom and Dad’s on Saturday with the cousins.  There was a pink princess tiara pinata, a 3-layer chocolate cake with pink icing and pink pearls, little pink pots and pans and utensils, and a pink plaid sundress to match Claire’s – the other birthday girl.

After church, came Grandma and Grandpa and Mr. and Mrs. Hoke, per Olivia’s request.  She was delighted with her ice cream cake and candles – dancing and laughing while we sang to her.  She opened her gifts carefully and happily – expressing joy even for the Hello Kitty bandaids.  That night, it took a little bit of extra time to fall asleep for our excited girl and her sisters.

Monday was our birthday lunch date.  She and I went to Red Robin – at the twins’ urging.  They told her she would get a balloon – so that cinched things for her.  Then we went to Claire’s Boutique and had a fun time looking at all the girly things.  Eventually, she picked out a pink and black lemur, since the twins had chosen lemurs at their birthday trip to Claire’s. 

We sang songs in the car and talked about all kinds of things.  My sweet girl!

IMG_0127  here she is dancing, hair flying, during “Happy Birthday”

IMG_0089                           “I’ve always wanted this Barbie..”      IMG_0112   



IMG_0143 after our birthday lunch



in her new dress up dress and flower tiara

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