Sunday, March 27, 2011

No news is good news, right?


Still no new victims.  Can it be possible not to have anymore?

But we did have a grand evening last night with our friends who also have the pox.  We decided we may as well enjoy each other – pox included.  Smile

We girls worked on some crafts for the upcoming craft/bake sale to benefit the church in

Japan. The boys watched a war movie. 

Fun times for all!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ode to the Pox

There once was a virus called pox

Which came to the family of Cox

Two sweet little girls,

One with lots of blonde curls,

Became swiftly inflamed with red dots


Their mother, who took most things in stride,

Didn’t run, didn’t scream, didn’t hide

But calmly and cheerfully tended to itches

While she lotioned an arm or a side


Across town, in a similar home

Lived a friend with whom often she roamed

Whose 5 little girls had been over of late

And shared apples right off the same plate


Now it’s hard to say why,

And I wouldn’t imply,

But the pox also came to their house

The first victim it stained with a bumpy red rash

Was the 5 little girls’ biggest brother

He didn’t complain

Or scratch it in vain

To the great relief of his mother


But our tale isn’t finished

For this pox is not diminished

There are several still within reach

But what can we do?

Just wait and see who

Will begin to develop the itch


But thanks be to God

It won’t last for long

The red bumps and their itching will fade

And the memories of pink lotion

And family devotion

And friends who share laughter – and pain

Will be a reminder for all of us later

That through it all, God kept us sane!


And one last little gem which the Bible assures

In every trial,

There is great gain.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Luke’s pox..


Glenn took a few pictures for posterity…


IMG_9365  front       IMG_9366  back

and let me just say that this was the end of the first day!  Today, there are even more!

Luke has been a sport about it – he told us that it is kind of neat to experience something notoriously common to childhood, since he hasn’t had any broken bones, or major illnesses up till now. 


Olivia has been especially sympathetic toward Luke.  A couple of times, after looking at him for a few seconds, she has walked over to him, held his face in her chubby little hands, and given him a kiss on the cheek (undeterred by the red bumps), sighing sweetly for his suffering.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

time flies!

I’ve looked here a couple of times, but couldn’t think of anything to post.  Or I didn’t have enough time to put something.   But today is different!  Something newsworthy!  Something to remember fondly (hopefully) when we look back over our blog sometime in the future.

Luke has the chicken pox.  He’s been uncomplaining so far. But the spots are multiplying at breakneck speed. 

Hopefully, it will just run through the rest of its victims the same way.  Since I haven’t immunized them all (I know I did somebody – at least one person!), I am quietly confident that we have only just begun. 

Pray that we will get through the worst of it before Resurrection Lord’s Day!


A nice “before” shot, taken a few weeks ago.

I’m not sure he’d let me take one right now – his face is completely covered!