Friday, December 17, 2010

How to pray for Sophia

After a couple of recent conversations about Sophia, I thought it would be helpful to let you know how you might pray for her. 

The surgery accomplished its purpose in relieving her airway of the external pressure from her aortic arch.  This has made a noticeable difference in how she breathes – she is quieter and can do more physically, than what she was able to do for several months. That may all sound a little clinical and un-exciting – but it’s an answer to prayers!  Your prayers!  We are so thankful!

So you could move her to your “Answered Prayers” or “Praise” lists!  

Essentially she is much as she was before the problems that led to the surgery.   She will continue to be compromised physically due to having one lung.  She is prone to respiratory infections, and her symptoms are more pronounced than when the other kids are sick.  She’s had pneumonia a couple of times – and it’s obvious why that would be difficult.  We do our best to minimize her exposure to germs.

But we can’t put her in a bubble.   She is a little girl – a strong, vibrant little girl.  As long as she isn’t fighting something, you would never know anything was different about her!

So in praying for Sophia, pray that God protects her from viruses, and that when she does get something, the meds and breathing treatments will be effective.  Pray that we are able to treat her here at home, instead of at a hospital.  Pray that God continues to strengthen and protect her, and give wisdom to us and her doctors as she grows.  Pray for the blessing of gratitude – that we are able to teach her how very much she has to be thankful for.

Not a whole lot different, in many ways, than what you are probably praying for your own little ones.  But with the added knowledge that she is different.  In a way that we can’t change, and in a way that does make her more vulnerable than some others. 

We are rejoicing in God’s mercy to Sophia – to His kindness and graciousness to her – and to us!  We are not worrying about tomorrow and what *might* happen - we are thankful to God for everything He is pleased to give us today.  Blessing upon blessing.  Beautiful, wonderful children!

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