Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Birthday for 2 and a Tea Party for 23!

I’ve decided not to make any excuses about why I am so negligent about this blog.  I think everyone understands. Smile

The twins had a terrific birthday – December 22 – 7 years old!!  I finished the backpacks and the dresses – and the girls were pretty happy about them.





I’ll have to slip in a shot of the backpacks another time.





The day after the girls’ birthday, the 23rd, we invited all my sisters and their girls, and my mom for our first Cousins Christmas Tea!  We had a wonderful time – it was so much fun!  Here are a few pictures…





princess cupcakes






some of the princesses – Aleyna, Erin, Claire and Olivia




cookie necklaces –  i.e. place cardsIMG_1152 with the girls’ initials on them          








more princesses – Cameron, Isabella, Sarah and Ellie in the red, Brooke, Sophia





IMG_1169Rachel, Holly, Courtney, Alix



Lots of pink!IMG_1156


IMG_1167Kate and Erica


Little Miss AlyssaIMG_1174


the boys – who were allowed food, then banished upstairs to the boy’s room  (which they were thrilled about) – Luke, Noah, Isaac, Evan











The lot of us – a very merry group!  One mom/grandma, 5 sisters, 17 daughters, one baby boy (plus a toddler who snuck in)…  and a partridge in a pear tree!   The only 2 missing were little Anna and our sister (in-law) Monica – we missed you both!

Lord willing – this was the first of many to come. 


  1. Oh that looks like fun! Where did you get those cupcake toppers? Too cute!!

  2. I got them at Barnes and Nobles! We just cleaned off the bottoms and we'll use them again!