Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I have to post a few of these – what a wonderful Christmas – despite coming down with a variety of viruses which sidelined most of the family for most of January. 

Sophia had an overnight stay in the hospital the 2nd week of January with what at first appeared to be something serious.  Thanks be to God, it was eventually determined to be a sinus infection.  Antibiotics?  Breathing treatments?  No problem!  Compared to what it could have been.


So here are some Christmas shots from our house, and with all the Orrs here the 27th of December.  Apparently we had such a good time at Mom and Dad’s on Christmas Day that we forgot to take pictures!  I think we may have been eating…


IMG_1205Calico Critters were all the rage here.. 



Looks like Noah is about to slice Alix in 2 with his new battleax.  But, no, his aim was off.  She survived.  SmileIMG_1229








IMG_1319Hi Kristy!  We had a wee bit of food for the Orr Gathering…



Not sure what we’re talking about – but it requires hand motions.


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