Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter and Boston

We had a wonderful time of worship at our church on Resurrection Lord’s Day. 


IMG_9491 we even finished the girls’ and my dresses with time to spare (this year)

And we celebrated it in a way we never have before – away from our families.  Glenn had work in Boston, Wednesday – Friday last week, so we decided to make it a family field trip.  So after church, we came home for a simple ham and bread Easter lunch – just the 9 of us.  Afterwards, we left for Niagara Falls, Canada!  We arrived there around midnight on Sunday night, and got settled in our hotel in Canada.  Before we got ready for bed, though, we all stood at the window, gazing in wonder at the beautiful waterfalls tumbling and roaring – just a few hundred yards from our hotel‘

IMG_9501here’s how it looked at 1:00 am …

IMG_9505and here it is at about 7:00 in the morning. 


We visited the observation tower and the whirlpool (where the waters end up in a swirling mass after falling and then rushing downstream a bit.  IMG_9553



Next, we visited the Robert Moses Power Plant – which was fabulous and taught us all about how Canada and New York harness half of the water from Niagara and use it for energy.  It was really a neat place, and since we were literally the only people there, we had a great time.

SANY0165Here’s Kate trying to muster up some power on her own – go Kate!!


From there, we continued on to Massachusetts- destination… Boston!  About 8-9 hours more of driving….

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  1. Your dresses were all beautiful!! I need to get Cameron's family to move so we can go somewhere besides the South! :)