Tuesday, May 10, 2011



I almost forgot to put in the pictures from the Mayflower. We toured it the same day as Plimoth Plantation.

IMG_9629Here are some of the kids and me, taking the scenic route to the Mayflower.  See its masts over there to the left?

IMG_9632  getting ready to climb aboard!

IMG_9635Noah wished he could sail it for a day.

IMG_9638Olivia looking out onto deck from the sailor’s area.

IMG_9652I realize this is a very dark picture – but I included it to show you just how dark the conditions were for the Pilgrims – for 3 months.  It took a minute for our eyes to adjust to it.

IMG_9654 They had some re-enactors here.  See the man in the red mop-cap? 


On the dock, looking over at the water near where the Mayflower is tied.

Good-bye, Mayflower – and Plymouth!


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