Wednesday, May 4, 2011

more about Massachusetts

Since Glenn had to work Wednesday – Friday, the kids and I struck out on our own.

Wednesday, we saw Plimoth Rock – the Plimoth Rock.  It’s protected by a small stone canopy type structure, but we could look down at it, just a few feet away.

IMG_9600 The date “1620” was stamped on the remaining part of the rock in the mid 1800’s.  Due to moving it a few times to a different locations, and the fact that people were able to chip away at it for souvenirs for a time, the rock is much smaller now than what it was in 1620. 



Next, we met some good friends, the Beveridges, for lunch on Cape Cod.  Their daughter, Kate is a close friend of ours here at home, and her parents live right there on Cape Cod.  We have met her mom, Melody, here at church several times, so we had a terrific time with them and their 17 month old granddaughter.  They took us to a fish hatchery where 4 types of trout are “raised”.  They even brought little ziploc bags and 4 quarters per child, so the kids could buy some fish food and feed the fish.  Talk about a feeding frenzy!!  The fish went crazy when the kids dropped them some food – splashing, pushing, shoving, whipping tails about.  It was hilarious and amazing!  

We got to see a huge barge go by on the Cape Cod Canal – yards away from where we stood on the dock. They took us to Sandyneck Beach, which has protected dunes, and is covered as far as the eye can see with beautiful white, gray, and speckled rocks.  We carried home a teeny amount of the rocks.  Smile 

Thanks, Beveridges!!

The last place we stopped on Cape Cod was the Train Bridge.  It looked especially beautiful in the mist – it was up, and unfortunately, there wasn’t a train in sight or we would have been able to see it lower, and watch the massive counterweights rise.  Still, we couldn’t be disappointed.  It was so neat!

Luke got a great picture


Then it was back to Boston to pick up Glenn from work!

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