Thursday, October 28, 2010


Sophia is finally seeming to turn a corner. Such a relief.

She really wasn't ready to go Wednesday. But last night she was moved to a step down unit, looking pretty forlorn, and she's been steadily improving since.

She had a better night- was able to get up twice to go potty, and got a little more rest. It took quite a bit of coaxing to get her up, but she was very brave. They have told us that the goal today is to get her up a few times and eating and drinking. Also, to try to decrease the oxycodone to Ibuprofin. Then she should be able to go home tomorrow.

She was pretty uncomfortable this morning with pain, but she was able to sit in a chair next to her bed, (with some persuasive encouragement) perched unhappily on it's edge for the first 10 minutes or so. Her nurse Emily gave her a dose of oxycodone, and she slowly relaxed as she sat there for about half an hour. I was able to distract her with the happy news of Aunt Colleen's new baby boy, born last night. We spent several minutes trying to think of boy's names with an "R" in them. George, Charles, Gordon...

Afterwards, she got back in bed and ate a few bites of chocolate pudding. Her first food since Sunday. Yay!

Now Glenn has arrived with her twin, Isabella. Sophia is telling her all about things here, and Isabella is soaking everything up with a sweet smile, interspersed with sympathetic murmurings. They are sitting side by side in the hospital bed, watching Milo and Otis.

Thank you for continuing to pray for her, it is a great encouragement to all of us. My first thought after the surgery Tuesday, when Dr. Manning said how well it went was, "That's because of all the people who are praying for her!".

Thanks be to God!

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  1. Ok, now I'm crying! :) It started when you said Glen took Isabella. How sweet!! Isabella has been so good and sweet. I know she must have been excited. Call if you need ANYTHING!!

  2. I'm popping over via Femina to say how glad I am! Hope Sophia continues to improve :).