Saturday, October 30, 2010

Home again, home again, jiggity jig..


Sophia was released this morning.  She already looks better.  She is moving around more easily and ate a nice lunch.

Her pediatrician stopped by the hospital this morning to see her.  He’s probably the only the doctor in the past week that has caused her to genuinely smile.  He’s super.  We talked about his recent conversations with Dr. Manning and how dramatically different her post-op x-rays look.  They are the only x-rays she’s had which show part of her heart on the left side of her chest.  They are very hopeful that she is going to see a big difference in her ability to breathe. 

The pediatrician told me he was very proud of Sophia – of how brave and strong she has been.  He said he’ll never forget when he first met her and heard her history – that from a medical standpoint she is unique and fascinating.  But he was also amazed at her tenacity and strength.  He said he thinks of her as his “little engine that could”.  When he left, he said, “God is taking care of our Sophie.”

He certainly is!


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