Thursday, October 28, 2010

While you're praying

Please remember to pray for our other kids at home. A couple of them are really missing me and Sophia. If only I could be in two places at once!

Also, pray that our loving friends who have been helping with things there, will be helped in their endeavors by sweet, obedient children. :)

We're very thankful for their willingness to be such help to our family.

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  1. Dear Kelly,
    I just wanted to tell you that although we are far away(things are going well out here in Washington and Stephen is enjoying Seminary), we are praying fervently for Sophia, you and Glenn, and your other beautiful children. We are so very thankful that the surgery went well and she is making progress. Praise the Lord! I love you and miss you, and I wish I could be there to give you a hug and do something to help, but I take comfort in entrusting you to our Father's loving hands. I am especially praying for her pain to be controlled as I can really sympathize with how hard it is to be in such pain. Thank you for writing these regular updates so we know how to pray. We will continue to pray. Be assured of our love and prayers for you, but more so of God's perfect love and answers to our prayers!
    love in Christ,
    Felicia (and Stephen and Isaac) Lauer

  2. Felicia,
    Thank you for praying and for your encouragement. I know you do understand about pain. Our love to you all.