Friday, October 29, 2010

A bump

We left Cincy last evening with Sophia, hoping that even though she hadn't drank much throughout the day, she would do better at home. But I just couldn't get her to drink hardly anything. She began to show some signs of dehydration in the later evening. So after talking with her pediatrician over the phone at 3:30 am for quite a while, we made the difficult decision to bring her for an evaluation.

She is on IV fluids and is beginning to improve. A visit from a few of her little cousins was excellent medicine. And of course she was happy to see Grandma and Grandpa, who came as soon as I called to tell them where we were.

Aunt Colleen is here with the new baby on the post-partum unit across the hall. She let Grandpa babysit him so she could come show Sophia a few pictures of him on her camera. Sophia was very happy about that.

An x-ray was ordered this morning due to some problems with her oxygen levels, but they came back clear, and the problems were resolved after she got up. Apparently her sleeping position was the culprit. Her neck was bent too far down.

She should be released in the morning, as long as she continues to drink and eat. She's already doing better about trying. A nap and some fluids have been very helpful.

We're waiting for her oatmeal to come - and here it is!

Thank you for praying. We are so thankful for it ! As Glenn said, God has heard them.
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