Wednesday, October 13, 2010

more coughing

Sophia was up a couple of times during the night last night - coughing.  I heard her on the monitor around 1:00 am and went up to give her a treatment and do some pitty-pats on her back and chest to help loosen the junk inside.  She slept for a few hours, then was up again with more coughing.  So we did more pitty-pats and another treatment.  She's been a trooper today, but obviously she's pretty tuckered out.

Please pray for her that she her symptoms would resolve soon.

Also- we received confirmation from the insurance company today regarding precertification for her surgery.  It stated:

date of service - 10-26-10
description of procedure  - aortic suspension
length of stay - 4 days
level of care - acute.

We're very thankful that we know with certainty that the Great Physician is keeping her safe even now - and has everything already covered regarding the surgery and her recovery.

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