Sunday, October 10, 2010

it is something...

Sophia woke up this morning with some pretty tight, stiff wheezing and coughing.  Her nose is starting to run clear liquid.  She's still eating, although not up to her usual snuff, but says she isn't very hungry.

We'll start her treatments every 4 hours - always the first step for her.  My knowledgeable friends recommended vitamins C and D-3 - so we'll see if that can help ward it off.

Thank goodness for the oximeter our friend gave us a few years ago.  It shows her oxygen saturation is slightly decreased for her, but still in normal range.  I didn't expect it to be greatly different at this point, but it helps to have as much info as possible about how she's coping internally.  Sometimes it's pretty hard to tell just by looking at her and listening to her.

Please pray for her, that God would protect her from a serious infection right now - that she wouldn't be compromised greatly by this, and that she will receive quick healing!

Thank you!

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